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Douglas Benedict

Douglas was raised on a small farm in Bloomington, Indiana. He majored in Religious Studies and Journalism at Indiana University and worked as a photojournalist for fifteen years. Douglas manages the day-to-day operations of Academic Image, serving as a liaison between clients and Academic Image team members. 


Daniel Moyer

Daniel, his wife and young daughter are spreading their roots in a small suburb of Philadelphia, PA. Daniel studied photography and Art Education at Kutztown University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Authentic storytelling is the value at the core of his photography whether for a bride and groom, business or education institution.


Jonathan McBride

James Doe

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Jonathan has lived in 19 cities but has settled in rural Pennsylvania. Jonathan studied history and english in college, always with an eye geared towards literature, before ultimately settling on a career in photography. The result was a passion for visual story telling. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Newsweek and many other publications.

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